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Exciting ways students and the community are connecting with STEM.

GLOBE, the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment Program, has created science-based storybooks with classroom activities to teach Earth system science. These resources introduce students to key concepts in climate, water, soil, clouds, seasons, aerosols and Earth system studies.

Here are three space-flight related ebooks from NASA.

CRaTER is the Cosmic Ray Telescope for the Effects of Radiation, a shoebox-sized instrument circling the moon on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. The purpose of CRaTER is to detect cosmic rays that can be harmful to an astronaut's body. Using the downloadable pages, students can make a comic book that explains cosmic rays, the danger of cosmic rays and how CRaTER works. The book is targeted to grades 9-12 and informal educators.

CRaTER Comic Book

Children and their families can watch videos of astronauts reading books and performing experiments on the International Space Station.

Learn more at the listing in the At School Section

Story Time from Space is a project of the nonprofit Global Space Education Foundation. They send books to the space station, where astronauts record themselves reading the books. They also record videos of curriculum-linked experiments and demonstrations.

Story Time From Space

A collection of daily activities from the National Science Teaching Association providing sensemaking tasks teachers and parents can use to engage their students in authentic, relevant science learning. Look for the "For Families" tab

NSTA Daily Do


Resources for families and students to learn at home, for pre-school through high school in many subject areas.

Boston Public Schools Home Learning Resources

This page lists past webinars and links to subscribe to new webinars. The webinars are from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and The McAuliffe Center of Framingham State University. The offerings include STEM subject-based sessions as well as sessions addressing the challenges of virtual learning.

McAuliffe Center-WPI Teacher Webinars

This page links to various interactive games based on programs in the PBS series NOVA.


The National Science Teaching Association provides this page of links to various sites providing virtual learning experiences in many areas of science.

NSTA Virtual Labs Collection

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