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The Lucy Mission in Spoace Contest is open to homeschoolers and anyone learning at home. See the listing in the school section.

Middle and high school students in U.S. public, private and home schools can enter the Lucy in Space contest.

The Lucy in Space contest challenges students to bridge the human drive for discovery and exploration of our Earth origins to solar system exploration. The contest is part of NASA's efforts to engage students in this solar system STEM enterprise of exploration to inspire interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The Mission to Mars Student Challenge is open to homeschoolers and anyone learning at home. See the listing in At School for more information.


Schools, classrooms, educational organizations, homeschools, and families can register their students for these activities. Students under 18 should be registered by a teacher or guardian. Educators can register once on behalf of their entire classroom or organization. The dates for each of the education plans are completely flexible.

Mission to Mars Student Challenge

The NASA STEM Engagement & Educator Professional Development Collaborative at Texas State University provides live educational webinars at no cost. There is a busy schedule of diverse topics covering basic science to mission-specific results.

STEM Webinars from NASA-TSU


This free online unit is offered by the Mass DOE in partnership with EVERFI. It aims to help students in grades 6-9 take practical steps to protect their privacy and safety online. Students will learn critical digital literacy skills such as how to evaluate content for accuracy, perspective, and motive. It also helps students acknowledge the benefits of online communities and resources while guiding them to successfully navigate potential pitfalls in their digital lives.

Ignition: Digital Literacy

Mass DOE Free Courses page

This is a free online course offered by Mass DOE in partnership with EVERFI. It is an interactive program for exploring STEM careers for middle school students (grades 6-9). These lesson plans enable learners to engage with interactive content that reinforces key STEM skills while discovering some of the exciting STEM opportunities that await.

Endeavor: STEM Exploration for Middle School

Mass DOE Free courses page

A free online program at the Mass DOE site, offered in partnership with EVERFI, this unit teaches math and science concepts through the sport of hockey, exposing students to STEM concepts through real-world applications. This unite is for grades 4-7.

Future Goals: Hockey Scholar

Mass DOE Free courses site

Check out these entries in the At School section for free ebooks on earth and space science.

NASA E-books for Educators and Students

Elementary Study Units for Earth System Sciences


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