Learning at Home

Khan Academy is a leading online education site. They provide free videos and instruction in STEM subjects and beyond available to independent learners working from home.

Khan Academy

These are YouTube Channels created by the Green Brothers (also known as the Vlog Brothers). Students learn about engineering and science concepts, as well as other subjects through vivid text features, explicit explanations, and reflective questions.

Crash Course

Crash Course Kids

The NASA Exoplanet Exploration Page provides a variety of pages in easy-to-read kid-friendly (and parent-friendly) formats that explore various aspects of planets beyond our solar system and the prospects of finding life.

The University of Cambridge provides a page with a wide selection of math learning activities for ages 3-19.

University of Cambridge Maths at Home

This site hosts a series of workshops to share practical tips, virtual experiments and other concrete tools that families – even those with little time, few resources and no STEM exposure or teaching experience – can use to engage their children’s learning.

NASA’s Universe of Learning provides resources and experiences that enable youth, families, and lifelong learners to explore fundamental questions in science, experience how science is done, and discover the universe for themselves.

Now you can visit the center of space exploration from your home. See mission control and robot assembly facilities.

NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia is inviting students in grades K-12 to creatively visualize NASA’s science, technology, aeronautical and human exploration activities in the virtual world in the 2021 NASA Langley Art Contest, using the theme “Virtually Everywhere.” The contest is open to all children grades K-12 attending public, private, parochial and homeschools who are residents of the United States, and children grades K-12 of U.S. military members stationed overseas.

An at-home activity featuring a set of detailed posters with background information in both English and Spanish.

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