Learning at Home

This is a resource center for parents providing research-based background information and teaching tips for early learners. It is provided by The National Association for the Education of Young Children.

NAEYC Early Ed resources for Parents

PEEP and the Big Wide World is a website provided by WGBH and partner organizations. The site features resources for parents and families to enjoy science and math activities at home.

PEEP and the Big Wide World

Education.com provides an extensive library of online resources with many teacher-created activities to help students achieve learning goals.

Education.com Learning Library

The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care, WGBH, and the National Science Foundation provide a collection of activities that parents can do with their young children. It includes language arts and art topics as well as STEM.

EEC-WGBH Resources for Early Learning

TED-Ed provides a curated list of TED talks along with resources to support students and their parents in their learning.

TED-Ed for Parents

TED-Ed for Students

This page features a list of TED talks some of which feature accomplishments by teenagers. Others show inspiring subject talks.

TED Talks to Watch with Kids

Khan Academy is a leading online education site. They provide free videos and instruction in STEM subjects and beyond available to independent learners working from home.

Khan Academy

These are YouTube Channels created by the Green Brothers (also known as the Vlog Brothers). Students learn about engineering and science concepts, as well as other subjects through vivid text features, explicit explanations, and reflective questions.

Crash Course

Crash Course Kids

The NASA Exoplanet Exploration Page provides a variety of pages in easy-to-read kid-friendly (and parent-friendly) formats that explore various aspects of planets beyond our solar system and the prospects of finding life.

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