STEM YouTubers

These can be fantastic supplemental resources, or great clips for your classroom.


They have several series, This Week at NASA (TW@N), etc. They livestream spacewalks on the ISS, release updates on current missions (JWST), etc. If there’s a special event occurring, they will often livestream that as well, e.g. the 5/15/2022 lunar eclipse.

Museum of Science, Boston

Their content is for a variety of ages & covers many topics, including frankly adorable videos for special events such as World Turtle Day.

New England Aquarium

They make videos highlighting the various creatures in the aquarium.

National Museum of Mathematics

They have a “Math Encounters” series, and videos such as celebrating the Pythagorean theorem using the Flatiron Building.

Science Museum

They focus on inventions, e.g. how to make a bell jar, but they also interview experts on specific topics, e.g. the Apollo missions.

Mystic Aquarium

They make videos highlighting the various creatures in the aquarium, plus they do relaxing 10-minute “Tranquility Tuesday” videos featuring creatures & music.


Biology videos, some dissections, etc. High school+

Geo Girl

She focuses on geology, with crossover into biology & astronomy. Aimed around high school/college level.


UTD Geoscience Studio – they focus on geology, good for probably middle school+. They also do videos linking geology to more human issues, e.g. one video on Asian monsoons focuses on the impact on people in the region.

PBS Space Time – Our Universe Explained

Cosmology explained, probably best for upper high school+ or especially nerdy middle & high school students.

Earth Rocks

Aimed at introductory-level college courses, but could be used for some high school courses.

Mark Rober

Ex-NASA engineer known for squirrel ninja obstacle courses. Probably about middle school+, although some of his videos would be a hit for elementary school kids, too. He’s starting a series of kits for kids interested in engineering, Crunchlabs kits.

Physics Girl

Diana creates cool videos explaining interesting natural phenomena & laws of physics, etc. Depending on your topic, elementary school+. Interesting for college students, too.


Math videos, suitable for a variety of ages. Everything from the scientific way to cut a cake to explorations with pi & then some.

Professor Dave Explains

High school+, but could be good for some topics in middle school. His topics are mostly physics, chemistry, astronomy, and biology, but he does do some more general topics.

Periodic Videos

Chemistry videos, includes videos on different elements.

Insides on the Outside

Dissection videos


Biology videos, some dissections shown

Smithsonian Education

These aren’t strictly STEM videos. They have links to individual museums.

Smarter Every Day

Aerospace engineer tackles topics like why cats land on their feet, Kodak film, etc.

The Slo Mo Guys

They do everything from shooting a bullet into a Newton’s Cradle to popping a bubble while filming at 50,000 or 100,000 FPS. Lots of fun, great physics, probably not suitable for anyone who has problems with loud noises or explosions.


They answer your random weird science questions, along with explaining topics like carbon dating. Does include ads from sponsors in the videos.

Springfield Museums

This is for all of the museums, but gives a link to the AstroQuest channel as well.

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