STEM at School

Exciting ways students are connecting with STEM in the classroom.

This website is provided by WGBH and partner organizations. It features curriculum ideas, teaching strategies, and resources for home visiting organizations.

PEEP and the Big Wide World Teachers

Seeds of STEM is a website provided by Worcester Polytechnic Institute featuring a STEM curriculum and teacher resources for pre-school STEM education.

Seeds of STEM

The Boston Children's Museum has published a STEM learning guide for preschool teachers. the 28-page resource includes background material, activities, and references.

STEM Sprouts Teaching Guide provides an extensive library of resources for grades preK-6. They include lesson plans and guided lessons.

Education.con Learning Library

TED-Ed provides lesson resources such as graphic organizers and reflective questions for teachers to use along with TED talks. Students are encouraged and inspired to produce their own TED-style talks.

TED-Ed for Teachers

Khan Academy is a leading online education site. The content is available for teachers to use with their students. Teachers can assign lessons via Google Classroom or a class code.

Khan Academy

The team at Illustrative Mathematics has authored a list of resource links focused on adapting to online teaching during the pandemic. They range from content-specific resources to general advice specific to the pandemic.

Illustrative Mathematics Resources for Shifting Instruction Online

StraDDegy provides access to 100’s of resources that can be introduced as whole-class, small group or independent activities. Teachers can sign up for a free 30-day trial.

StraDDegy Number Sense Activities

The University of Cambridge provides a page with links to a wide selection of activities for students of all ages.

University of Cambridge NRich Math Activities

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