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Exciting ways students are connecting with STEM in the classroom.

Pre-College STEM research based on scientific and engineering approaches

This special session focuses on promoting research among young and talented students, primarily high schoolers who have been conducting rigorous research and are interested in publishing and presenting their research outcomes in an IEEE conference. All manuscripts submitted to this special session will go through the regular review process and will be reviewed by at least two experts in the related fields. Submissions will receive constructive criticism about their research topics and judges/reviewers will give comments to help guide young students. This special session provides young researchers with opportunities in exploring the STEM fields. One major field that this special session will focus on is the applicability of computer science and quantitative modeling to different fields, but research papers regarding any STEM field is acceptable.

Join the Wade Institute for Science Education and our collaborating partners for a unique, graduate level course that will engage you in hands-on, minds-on, inquiry-based investigations and increase your STEM content knowledge! Connect with scientists, engineers, and STEM professionals, and work with educators at our collaborating partner institutions to explore real-world phenomena through standards-aligned, hands-on, minds-on investigations that you can bring back to your classroom. Earn PDPs and optional graduate credits.


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These are "Teacher Toolkits" that feature research and activities related to the space station. Use these lesson plans, videos, and related resources to bring the International Space Station into your classroom. New topics are featured every month, making this a site to check regularly.

ISS Learning Launchers

NASA STEM Engagement

Test your ability to pilot the SpaceX Dragon2 and dock it with the space station:

SpaceX-ISS Docking Simulator

CryptoClub uses mathematics from the middle school curriculum as students explore cryptography through games and informal activities that involve secret messages.

The resources can be used by teachers in elective classes or afterschool activities. The resources include an interactive website.

CryptoClub Project

The National Museum of Mathematics offers virtual field trips for K-12 classes. Topics include geometry, probability, and cryptography.

Virtual Field Trips at the National Museum of Mathematics

The Council of State Science Supervisors (CSSS) have developed resources intended to help educators, families, and educational leaders during school closures. The documents are available in many languages and are editable to adapt to your local circumstances.

CSSS Resources for Science learning During School Closures


This page from the Smithsonian Institution links to professional development and education research material as well as classroom resources.

Smithsonian Science for the Classroom Resources

Also, see the Smithsonian listing in our At Home section for additional resources.

The Carolina Biological Supply Company offers resources and they also feature resources developed with the Smithsonian Institution. They are sorted by grade level.

Carolina Biological Supply K-5 Resources

Carolina Biological Supply 6-8 Resources

Carolina Biological Supply 9-12 Resources


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