The Truth About Sharks!

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Scanlon Banquet Hall, Westfield State University | 6:30pm

Professor Morrissey, a lifetime member of the American Elasmobranch Society, studies the natural history of sharks, skates and rays, including the description of new species and the investigation of their reproduction, feeding ecology, age and growth, visual adaptations, and more. Specifically, he and his students study a new species of gulper shark from the Cayman Trench (between Jamaica and Cuba), the cownose rays in Chesapeake Bay, and chain catsharks in his lab. He is also the lead author of the bestselling textbook “Introduction to the Biology of Marine Life” published through Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Find out about the truth about sharks in this engaging presentation by shark expert Dr. John Morrissey (Sweet Briar College). Doors open at 6:30pm, presentation begins at 7:00pm. A great experience for all ages!

Sponsored by the Westfield State College of Mathematics and Sciences and the Pioneer Valley STEM Network

Truth About Sharks

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